Your Newborn Experience

How to Prepare & Frequently Asked questions


I take on a limited amount of Newborns per month, so booking ahead of time is the only way to guarantee a spot. A $100 Retainer is due during reservation.

Let me know when you go into the hospital, especially if you are interested in a 48 Fresh session! Your family is my first priority, so no need to schedule while you're in active labor, yes this has happened several times ha ha! Let me know when you are scheduled to go home or even have arrived home and we will schedule an appointment at your convenience. I love to have your little one between 5-18 days new. This is by no means the cut off but rather the best time to capture their newness!

Clothing for family photos

With the Family Newborn Collection, I suggest wearing neutral colors, staying away from patterns or distractions so the focus is solely on your new bundle of joy! If you have any questions about what to wear don't hesitate to ask! Ideally I prefer to shoot on a cream/white, grey/dark grey or earth tone backgrounds if in the studio.

I keep the Studio fairly warm to keep your little one comfortable so please feel free to bring a change of clothing to get comfortable in while we finish the rest of your session.


Please allow time to do a full feeding upon arrival for your portrait session. This way we get your sweet bundle of joy into a "milk coma", where they will be full bellied and ready to relax! During your session your newborn will more than likely eat more often than normal, so if you are using formula please bring more than you usually need.

Your session will take 2-3 hours, so please feel more than welcome to bring along snacks or a meal. Jimmy Johns, Candle Ready Cakes, and many more options are available within walking distance of the studio.

What should I bring?

You don't need a thing! I have outfits, hats, wraps, props, headbands and more! If there is a special keepsake, family heirloom or nursery item you would like to incorporate into our session feel free to bring it along. Make mention of it as well during our pre-session consultation!

Please bring along a binky (soother), even if you do not plan to use one in the future, it will help sooth during transitions if needed! Wear layers, the studio will be warmer than normal to keep your newborn warm and relaxed.


Plan on being in the studio for 2-3 hours. Every newborn is different, some sleep through the entire session, others need more time falling asleep. You can help your newborn sleep well by trying to keep them awake for 1-2 hours before our session. Baths are always a good way to help baby relax before your session! 

Family photos will be taken first, so if you have other children, your partner is welcome to take them home or keep them busy at the studio!