Eight TWO Wedding Reservations Available for 2023

At this time I'm taking limited special occasion bookings. Please contact me for availability as soon as you have the month/year locked down. You can call/text me at 563-543-7449 for the fastest response time. Thank you guys!

The Wedding Experience

I would love to be a part of your wedding day & hope this guide helps answer some of your questions about the wedding experience with Vanessa Irene Photography. I want to ensure that we can create beautiful photos together, but do so in a way that allows you to enjoy your day & not feel like there’s a camera in your face the entire day.

I love making memories & capturing milestones. The real ones that pull at your heart strings, the ones that make you feel something long after the moments have passed. I’m a firm believer that through photographs and videos you can preserve precious memories and milestones that would otherwise be forgotten.

My style of photography is a candid and posed mix. a typical photo may start by me having you get together & snuggle in closely looking at the camera, but after a shot I will prompt you to do something that will create movement and emotion giving you a variety of candid photos and capturing true emotions. Bridal parties are the same, starting with the posed shot & moving into candid in motion photos. Some of my favorite photos on a wedding day are with family, what a perfect occasion to share all the love between you & your family members. So don’t expect a stiff standing posed family photo, we’re going to have fun!

What to Expect?

After reviewing the information here, next you will want to Get In Touch . From there I can check on availability and set up a free consultation with you.

Consultation- If you're able, I will have you into the studio to go over a sample Wedding Timeline, Wedding Collections, and Albums. If you are ready to reserve your date we will go over the contract and a retainer of $750 is due to book.

Engagement Session- After you are booked comes the planning! Getting to know you two and your style will help me choose the best location and style of photography to capture your personalities. A typical Engagement Session last 1-2 Hours pending the locations and activities we do. Your gallery typically takes 2 weeks to finish and get back. You can choose your favorites, order prints and keepsakes and even design your guest book with your images using your online gallery.

Wedding Timeline- Roughly 2-3 Months before your big day we'll go over your timeline or build a timeline to fit your day. This is when we will decide on exactly which collection fits you.

Follow Up- About a week before your wedding I will follow up once more to make sure no changes have been made and note any special requests! A lot can change once you get closer to your wedding day, this guarantees we are all on the same page and things run as smoothly as possible!

Wedding Day! Let me know if you need coffee, I'll have a double latte in hand for myself and don't mind grabbing you one! We're going to need it!

Honeymoon- In Roughly 4-8 Weeks your finished Gallery will be sent via email with a personal link to your day. From here you will choose your images for your album, products and more. Did you get Collection 1? If so your friends and family can ALL download their favorites at no charge!

Albums and Products- Albums take 2-4 Weeks to design and return. from the time you submit your choices. Products like prints and wall art take 5-7 days. *Holidays and Fall Season can affect these times, these are by far the busiest times of year for us!

Getting Ready

This usually starts one to three hours before your ceremony. 1-3 Hours

Now starts your documentation of all of the hard work you have put into all of the details of your special day; the flowers, your dress & jewelry. it’s all coming together!

This is a great time to give your mother, father, sister or brother some special time in the spotlight and invite them to help you get dressed. i think my favorite moments and photographs are taken during these intimate moments when the excitement and nerves are high, and a few tears are shed.

Tips for a very happy photographer:

  • *If you are able to get ready in a room with good window light and minimal clutter, ahead of time, I LOVE you, you'll thank me later!
  • *Have your dress, flowers, invites, rings, jewelry, shoes and any other details together ahead of time.
  • *What you are wearing is what will be in your photos so plan accordingly.
  • *If you have special requests please let me know ahead of time.

First Looks

A private moment for you and your partner! Taken before the ceremony. 30-60 Minutes

With the Girls, your mother or father, and last but not least your significant other. some couples love this, some do not see each other until the ceremony, this is 100% up to you.

Deciding whether to have a private moment together before your wedding has some advantages. knowing your options will help decide if it’s right for you. typically a first look will take place after you both have gotten ready, just as you would see each other down the aisle. we will have decided on a location to do this. for some couples,


  • *Sharing this moment with just each other can make it more intimate than seeing each other down the aisle in a venue filled with people.
  • *It is really the only time the two of you will have alone time together until your departure from the reception.
  • *It can help a busy timeline or a minimal break between ceremony and reception. Most cases we will do family photos before the ceremony instead of after.
  • *Most cases we will do a few shots of the bride and groom together after your first look, adding a few more shots to your gallery.

If you absolutely do not want to see each other before the ceremony THAT is totally fine! We will get your desired photos in a timeline that works best for you. At the end of the day, we just want to make sure you’re allowing enough time to get the kind of photos that you want and we will plan a timeline accordingly.

The Ceremony

It’s time for the MAIN EVENT! 30-90 Minutes

Most likely you have chosen a collection with two photographers. This is perfect because we do our best to not be a distraction, so we can divide and conquer. Capturing your special moments & special people in the crowd laughing or crying (mom, dad, i’m talking to you). Before the ceremony we will take photos of the details and the venue, and a few candids of your guests being seated. Then comes the grand event, THE BRIDAL PARTY! Ha ha Just kidding, but we will capture photos from the laughter and nerves in the back to the walk down the aisle, So keep your heads up and don’t look scared HA HA. Another intimate moment i love is between a parent and their son or daughter before they walk down the aisle, one of us will be near to capture this as well.

After you are announced and proceed to walk down the aisle as the newlyweds you will see me capturing a few candid shots so feel free to give each other a smooch, a spin or even dare a dip & kiss. These photos are priceless with your celebrating friends & family surrounding you!

Grand Exit Who doesn’t love a grand exit?! We’ll do our best to gather your guests for a fun celebration photo!

Family Portraits

Family Portraits do not need to be stressful! 30-60 Minutes

Prior to your day, we will go over your family photos & groupings, so that we are able to move through them as quickly & smoothly as possible. A typical breakdown looks like this:

  • The Newlyweds, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Their Spouses and Children
  • Take out the in laws and children leaving parents, grandparents and siblings
  • take out siblings for a shot, take out parents for a shot, take out grandparents for the other

This gives you a variety in a quick and smooth process. We can always add in additional photos like grandparents & grandchildren or a sisters photo etc. Family photos are one of my favorite parts of the gallery! So don’t be surprised if I grab a posed photo and throw in a prompt that captures the real emotions <3

Take careful consideration when planning a timeline for portraits, the more requests the more time that is needed. Typically I can finish family in 30-to 45 min. It’s important that all family members are on time for these photos, to redo a large family photo is not in anyone’s best interest.

The Bridal Party

Let’s have some fun with your favorites! 1 to 2 hours

We’ll discuss a venue or two to grab a variety of whole group photos, each side will get some special attention as well! With two photographers, we can split up easily using our time efficiently, getting you guys back onto the bus or onto celebrating! This is a perfect time to grab a solo pic with your favorites. I love bringing streamers, confetti and other celebratory items for a special photo opt! We’ll discuss our plans prior to your big day.

Last but not least… The Reception

Time to P A R T Y! 2-4 Hours

While you go relax and greet your guests, I’ll ensure that all of the work you have put into your reception is documented. I focus on the details in the place settings, dessert stations, floral, sign in table and of course candids of your guests. Toasts, cake cutting and your special dances will all be creatively captured. Typically I stay for about 1 to 2 hours once dances have started, you are more than welcome to keep me as long as you’d like, but it is nice for you and your guests to not have a camera on them for the rest of your reception. I’ll say my goodbyes and congratulate you once again, after that stay tuned for a preview within the coming week!

***Please include us for dinner & cake!

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